A gr8 Song is the reason to make a recording.
We make the best possible recording, regardless of personnel.
Then the Performance becomes everything, again regardless of personnel.
No One Is Exclusive Except Nigel (It’s his band)
Music 1st, Egos last.
Great Music = Great Show

Why This Band?

Hi I’m Nigel Born, I formed this band in my name for all music lovers.

I got to this “music love” legitimately starting and gaining fame from my high school band, and performing in numerous music combos since then. As a songwriter as well I’ve been appalled by the technology industry starving songwriters, by not recognizing without correct incentives the stand alone songwriter won’t be able to support him/herself in this new format.

Is it corporate greed? What happened to the dream of artist direct to consumer? I wonder. I’d have thought the language of the ages should receive better treatment. So not to be a whiner.

I formed this “band of me” as a solution for all of the above. All the other artists as well as the ”featured performers” aren’t part of the band, and are free to perform or go to any label they want. I hope they do! Right after they perform the song they made with the1stBorn.

I have been encouraged in this endeavor by my label Fun Fun Fun Recordings, and I enjoy working with my producer, Matthew King Kaufman. He helps me find the artists and pick the songs for my band, and donates music.

It looks like music lovers like us need to change things. Please help me spread the word, listen to and buy if you like our first single. Tell everyone you know.