About The Band:

HI, I’m Nigel Tee Born and this is my band. With the help of many gr8 musicians and friends I have created this Concept Art Piece that I hope becomes something.

I’ve been a band member all my life, and with this band I’m the leader. My biggest problem with band life is so many gr8 song ideas got shot down because they didn’t work for the group, so I want to form a band that can accommodate all the gr8 songs I hear.

I will interview the individuals responsible for the song. I hope this concept helps explain music creation from the songwriter’s point of view. In 2017 songwriters are an endangered species, with streaming services starving their creative voices

This is our first single. I just love Coco’s singing and Jeanne Trombone’s playing. I tried to jam pack this first release with a gr8 track from Count Slowly and an experimental track from DeeJay Phake Gnuzz. These songs have been donated by Matthew King Kaufman, my collaborator on this project.



About the songs:

Space Mountain Blues is a true story of a family I know (Lou and Chloe Parmalee told me the tale.) They go to Disneyworld for their Xmas vacation, and get stuck on  the ride, Space Mountain, and need to be rescued.  It was an easy song to write, the hardest part was to come up with the title, that summed up the song. The contrast between “Blues” and a Disneyworld attraction was intentional. The bittersweet moment of escaping the cold and overcoming danger was the theme and the title summed it up pretty well.

R.A.D.I.O. was written about the joys of a technology that bathed it’s user with music. Just as everything in life. the technology was only as good as the people in charge. The song expresses love for this technology and the people responsible for the “free to user” music experience.


Mankind was inspired by player piano one man band that played John Phillip Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever”. I saw this mechanical marvel at an exhibition with Joel Selvin. Glen Kolotkin brilliantly recorded the device remotely and engineered this masterpiece. The performance was so moving, and it was so wack, the lyrics just flowed. So with John Phillip Sousa’s work in the Public Domain, it was super fun to make this mashup. John Sargent of Purple Earthquake fame arranged the vocal ensemble. Tommy Dunbar, a lifelong member of The Rubinoos added guitar to the end.